Hannah Tikalsky

Building successful community health programs in DC, NY, and CA, Hannah spent over a decade mobilizing patients, partners, and funders to remove barriers to care. In 2021, she transitioned into regenerative agriculture because of its refreshing cross-sector approach that is poised to achieve human health improvements but also related interests of hers such as just economies and climate resilience.

Today, Hannah rightly finds herself at Wolfe’s Neck Center as the Director of Network Development for Environmental Markets. She and her team will support the business networks of farms, buyers, governments, NGOs, and others within existing and yet-to-be-developed regenerative markets through deployment of the Tech Ecosystem, strategic funding initiatives, and other tactics.

She currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, young daughter, rescue mutt, and about 25 happy houseplants. When Hannah is not on her laptop, she is an avid athlete, decarbonization wonk, and farmhand-fangirl at farms, orchards and ranches all over the country.
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