Future Women in Agriculture

A Week-Long Intensive Program at Wolfe’s Neck Center: August 16-20, 2021

This new and unique new program will immerse girls ages 14-16 in the world of regenerative agriculture for one week. Utilizing our Yellow Farmhouse as the base of operations, the group will spend their days with Wolfe Neck Center’s Livestock and Fruit & Vegetable programs as they learn the science behind modern regenerative agriculture, participate in climate research, and work alongside our incredible female farmers who have made food systems their careers. Our group will harvest their own food, cook family-style meals together, get into our fields and pastures, and participate in reflections and team building challenges in the evening. This unique opportunity will not only become immersed in farming and food, but to grow and discover about oneself. The program is capped at 12 participants.

Arrival: August 16, 2021 at 9:00am • Departure: August 20, 2021 at 4:30pm • Cost: $750

Registration now open! In the meantime, please email Joe Grady, Senior Director of Programs, at jgrady@wolfesneck.org with any questions.

Sample Daily Schedule

Wake up, breakfast, lunch prep (Wolfe’s Neck Center eggs, bacon, jam, and toast and cereal)

Walk to Farm, team building initiatives in the Oceanfront Field

Fruit & Vegetable plot – meet with F&V manager, Eliza, to learn about perennial fruit trees and shrubs vs. annual plantings. Assist with learning to prune fruit trees, add soil amendments such as fish emulsion, compost, mulch, and chips. Harvest blueberries from high bush crops and raspberries from early-season fruit-bearing varieties; berries will be made into jam later in the evening. Harvest cut-and-comeback lettuces and field tomatoes for dinner.

Lunch & cool off at oceanfront (sandwiches, chips, fruit)

Meet with Leah at the dairy barn for a walkthrough of the B3 experience and continuing cow research trials. Overview of the ‘Green Feeder’ to learn how the staff pulls the methane bags to test levels of the cows’ ruminations during feed. Assist in data analyization and sample collecting.

Assist the dairy team in bringing the milking herd from the pastures to the barn for the afternoon feeding and milking. Learn about the milking process and how our dairy parlor functions.

Walk back to the Yellow Farmhouse for some downtime, showers, journaling, reading, etc.

Dinner (Wolfe’s Neck Center beef tacos and bean tacos, with toppings from the gardens)

Make jam from the freshly harvested berries.

Evening reflection at the fire pit.

Clean up, get ready for bed.

Lights out!

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