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I Spy: Migratory Birds
Migratory birds are among the most beautiful and exciting wildlife we can view! Going out on a birding excursion to search for them is a great way to get outside and appreciate the changing of the seasons.
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Farmyard Storytime: The Great Sheep Shenanigans (VIDEO)
These ladies look like they’re up to no good… Let’s read a story about their cunning characteristics for this week’s Farmyard Storytime! Today we’re reading “The Great Sheep Shenanigans” and paying an up close visit to some of our little lambs.
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Spotted! Amphibians Activity
The annual migration of amphibians happens in early April and is called ‘The Big Night’. This is a great time of year to head out to search for amphibians on your own. All you need is this ‘Spotted’ activity, a warm coat, and maybe a small clear Tupperware container.
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Planting Carrots in a Raised Bed (VIDEO)
It's early April, the ideal time to plant carrots seeds directly in our raised beds. Farmers Tom and Eliza will walk us through the details of what you need to know to plant your own carrots, covering topics like pelletized vs. raw seeds, length to germination, using row cover, and more.
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Make an Egg Shell Chia Pet
Spring is a great time to start gardening, but it doesn’t always have to be outdoors! Try your hand at planting your own homemade chia pet. This is a fun small activity to bring some green into your home and get some dirt under your fingernails. All you need is some potting soil, eggshells, egg carton, marker, scissors, and some grass or chia seeds.
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Farmyard Storytime: Lulu the Big Little Chick (VIDEO)
We hopped on to Facebook Live for a visit with our growing chicks! We'll learn more about our one-week-old broilers and read "Lulu the Big Little Chick". Watch through to the end for an up close look at our two new lambs!
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Foraging for Wild Edibles
Spring is in the air, which means that it is time to start staking out all those areas ripe with wild edible foods! This is an activity that takes research, practice, and caution, but once you’ve done your homework, you’ll start to find a number of wild edibles you may not have even known about before.
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Starting Seeds With Row Cover (VIDEO)
Watch as farmers Tom and Eliza demonstrate the use of row cover in early spring on one row in our greenhouse, and take some tips on how you can apply this in your own home garden.
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Farmyard Storytime: The Greedy Goat (VIDEO)
This week we're reading "The Greedy Goat", a story that's very fitting for some special members of our barnyard worth celebrating. Our three goat brothers, Ghost, Jack, and Snuggles, turn 3 this weekend!
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