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Stream an Environmental Film
One great way to dive deeper into a topic or place that interests you is by watching environmental films at home through your TV or computer. We've outlined a brief collection of resources to get you started.
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Use it Again! Recycled Crafts
Consider other uses for materials that would otherwise go right into the trash or recycling bin. Here are two fun and simple crafts you can make with resources you likely already have on hand. Once you have the activity underway, use the time to brainstorm other "new uses for old things". Happy crafting!
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Earth Day Tree Planting (VIDEO)
We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by planting a tree! Farmers Tom and Eliza are up at our Banter Orchard to plant a peach tree among 22 other fruit trees at the site. Follow along as they demonstrate best techniques for planting.
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Spotted! Spring Flowers Activity
As the weather warms, birds start to return, buds start popping up on trees, and the snow is now gone (or mostly). This is when we start to see the first flowers emerging from the ground, too. See how many different types you can find!
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Litter Pick-Up Walk
#EarthWeek starts today with a Litter Pick-Up Walk! Grab your gloves and a garbage bag and head out around your block or to a local park to pick up waste. You'll be amazed at what a difference you can make in just 20 minutes to an hour!
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Earth Week at Wolfe’s Neck Center
Follow along with us as we celebrate with Earth Week! Each day, participate in one act that celebrates our planet. You can follow along with our schedule or make up your own. Keep a daily journal of what Earth Acts you accomplish.
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I Spy: Migratory Birds
Migratory birds are among the most beautiful and exciting wildlife we can view! Going out on a birding excursion to search for them is a great way to get outside and appreciate the changing of the seasons.
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Farmyard Storytime: The Great Sheep Shenanigans (VIDEO)
These ladies look like they’re up to no good… Let’s read a story about their cunning characteristics for this week’s Farmyard Storytime! Today we’re reading “The Great Sheep Shenanigans” and paying an up close visit to some of our little lambs.
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Spotted! Amphibians Activity
The annual migration of amphibians happens in early April and is called ‘The Big Night’. This is a great time of year to head out to search for amphibians on your own. All you need is this ‘Spotted’ activity, a warm coat, and maybe a small clear Tupperware container.
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