What’s Community Got To Do With It: Building Farmer Networks for Soil Health
Hello! My name is Alex Gulachenski, and I am Wolfe’s Neck Center’s Farm Networks Coordinator. I am a recent addition to the Wolfe’s Neck Center staff, and I am excited to tell you all about the important work we are doing with Farmer Networks! As an ecologist by training, I view agriculture from a systems and … <a href="">Continued</a>
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Odysseus’s Sea: Natural Wine’s Potential Impact on the Future of Food
This is a guest post from Ned Swain, owner and operator of Devenish Wines. Devenish Wines is a small, dedicated distributor of fine wines in the Greater Portland area. Devenish believes that wines should taste like where they come from –wines that in some way embody the unique climate and environment from which their grapes … <a href="">Continued</a>
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Good Dirt: Soil Carbon Sequestration at Wolfe’s Neck Center
Wolfe’s Neck Center (WNC) is seeking to transform our relationship with food and farming for a healthier planet. To help achieve this, WNC is researching soil carbon sequestration as a way to reduce agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions and impact on our planet. Read on to learn more about soil carbon sequestration at WNC.  Carbon sequestration … <a href="">Continued</a>
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